About Me

Hello. I'm Hugh Huntington Dyar The Fourth, but people call me Hunter or Smokey. I'm a photographer based in Pittsburgh. I am currently working towards a Masters of Emerging Media at Carnegie Mellon University.
I collect and repair film cameras, I teach digital photography at a summer camp, I've been TA for a large-format photography course, I work with experimental photographic processes, build custom photography gear, and I lead instructional workshops... I also take photos.

I use everything from large format systems to Polaroid's to DSLR's. I've shot on a 35mm camera from every decade since the 30's. I'll shoot on anything with a lens, but there's a soft spot in my heart for Argus film cameras.
I have a photo blog at notdroppingcameras.com where I upload images regularly. That's the best place to see my recent work. Shoot me an email if you're interested in meeting or hiring me.

Find links to my non-photographic (ie: thesis) work at hdyar.com
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